Jasper Co. Historical Foundation

 It is the mission of the Jasper County Historical    Foundation to foster awareness and appreciation            of the history of Jasper County through                          discovery, collection, preservation and exhibition                                       


The Jasper County Historical Foundation was incorporated           May 3, 1975 following a meeting in interested citizens who wanted to explore the possibility of creating such an organization.                 The movement was spearheaded by John Harvey, Ida Brooks, Margie Kelly, Marcia Carnes, Irene Malone and Legare Roberts.

Mr. Blanton Clement served as the first caretaker at 319 College Street building and did major work in the first renovation of the original auditorium, which is named in his honor.

The purpose of the Foundation is to preserve and promote knowledge and understanding of the history of Jasper County.     Gifts of books, papers, photos and artifacts have been received and are encouraged for preservation purposes. The need for a place to store and present these documents and artifacts was one of the reasons the Foundation undertook the renovation of the Old Monticello High School. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in December 1978.

The original constitution and by-laws of the Foundation instituted an 11-member Board of Directors with a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and seven Directors. A reincorporation took place on April 25, 2002, and revisions of Constitution and By-laws took place on March 21, 2007 which restructured the Board of ten members including five Officers and five at-large Members. The Foundation is now able to own and acquire real property and to preserve, restore, maintain and present to the public such property as is significant to the history and culture of Jasper County.

Monticello, GA… 1950
Monticello 1951

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